Melbourne Zero: Creating a liveable city for everyone.

We CAN end street homelessness.

Melbourne Zero is a grassroots movement of people just like you who want to end homelessness in Melbourne.

Ending street homelessness is possible. We need to keep implementing and scaling up solutions that we know work and importantly, create and harness community support and resolve for ending homelessness in our great city.

As one of the world’s most progressive cities, why can’t we do it?

Let's be a world leading city in ending homelessness!

What is Melbourne Zero?

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The Road Home documentary

In the midst of the 2020 lockdowns in Melbourne, something remarkable happened.

Will, urgency and support combined at this unique and historic point in time to achieve what some previously thought impossible – an end to street homelessness in Melbourne.

The Road Home captures this moment in time and shows that it IS possible to end street homelessness.

Check out a clip from the documentary below. Join the Melbourne Zero movement for access to the full version!