What can I do?

Why your actions are important

We need your help to get involved and spread the word about Melbourne Zero.

It might seem simple, but the more actions and discussions we have about homelessness and how it can be solved, the more we challenge the stubborn belief that street homelessness (or rough sleeping) is something that can’t be fixed and increase support for action. With your support, we can end street homelessness in Melbourne together, one community at a time!

What you can do

How you help is up to you. Here's just a handful of ideas that help advance the cause.

Voice your support today!

Add your name to join Melbourne Zero

Join Melbourne Zero

Voice your support today to stand in solidarity with Melbournians experiencing or at risk of homelessness. It is only with whole of community support that we can push for zero homelessness in our city.

This is the single most important and valuable thing you can do. When you join Melbourne Zero by adding your name, you become a part of the movement and help strengthen our voice. We can talk to more people about solutions that have proved effective.

Share and discuss

Get the word out. After you join, you can access shareable content like conversation starters to help elevate real discussion about our street homelessness crisis.

Learn more about homelessness from the vast array of information on this website and our socials. Discuss the issue with your social circles of family, friends and colleagues. Use the supporter's action pack and conversation pack to help guide your conversations.

Promote the movement's messages

Keep up to date. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or sign up to email news and help amplify our content by engaging - like, share, comment.

Use the the hashtag #MelbourneZero whenever you're posting about an issue connected to homelessness.


Volunteer, fundraise, lend your skills, attend events, purchase goods and services or donate to for purpose organisations and social enterprises that are working to end homelessness in Melbourne.

Deeper actions

Once you've joined Melbourne Zero, show your support - head to the Resources page to access materials to help you take action.

To learn more about how your voice can make a difference to end street homelessness in Melbourne, join Melbourne Zero today!

Take action

Show your support for Melbourne Zero and use these resources on your socials, in conversations or when taking action.